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File:Evergreen - Original storage .png|This is where the first resources got stored.
File:Evergreen - Original storage .png|This is where the first resources got stored.
File:Evergreen - Inn & Pub.png|The Inn and Pub of Evergreen
File:Evergreen - Inn & Pub.png|The Inn and Pub of Evergreen
File:CastleOfEvergreen2.png|The castle of Evergreen, seen from inside the city.

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Evergreen - The Start.png

The place where it all started.

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 18.png TheWhiteTigerNL
18.png Thralc
18.png Riot_of_Penguins.
Founded November, 2018
Location X=-15805
Dimension Overworld
Status Active
Nether NTN branch line

Evergreen is a kingdom on Survival 3 created by 18.png TheWhiteTigerNL, and later with help from mainly 18.png Thralc and 18.png Riot_of_Penguins on the Dogcraft Server. This kingdom started with just a tower but has grown a lot throughout the year. It consists of many different places but is mainly known as a medieval fantasy inspired base with a city, a village, 2 castles and an elven area. The area also has several islands owned by good friends of the founder.


How it all started

It all started way back in 2018 when TheWhiteTiger first thought of the idea of creating a kingdom with several districts. First, a tower, some farms and the stables but this got changed a couple months later. The stables are the oldest standing build that has been there from the beginning.

New area's

New area's began with a village but it quickly developed into some new area's. After 2 months of the base existing, TheWhiteTiger started building a wall for the main city of the kingdom. This is a large build itself, and is still under construction currently.

After a while, a district named Solaris which consists of several houses, a phoenix statue and a wizard tower overlooking the nearby swamp began development. This was a fun idea at the start but it quickly got changed into being a lighthouse on a custom made cliff (which is still in the building progress) besides a custom mountain.

Some time later TheWhiteTiger started working on the castle of Evergreen. After 3 weeks of building up the castle with help from 18.png Taurent, they decided to do some terraforming around the area. When TheWhiteTiger got impressed by Taurent's terraforming work he gave him the task to terraforming the whole place.

A look into the city of Evergreen

Notable Builds

This kingdom has many different builds, all with other functions and history.

  • The central village inn and pub. - It was made to increase communication between the citizens of the kingdom.
  • The village stables - The stables were designed to house horses from friends that helped with the kingdom.
  • The old storage - This is where the first resources got stored.
  • The city of Evergreen - Inside the strong walls lays the city of Evergreen.
  • The castle of Evergreen - Where the royal family lives.
  • The elven forest - The elves have lived here for over a thousands years, and are still settled here currently.
  • This is the castle of Evergreen in it's current state. It is the place where the royal family lives.
    The castle of the sea - This castle has a perfect view over the whole sea.



Places Evergreen has embassies in.