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|zcoord = 6600
|zcoord = 6600
|scale = 0.5
|scale = 0.5
|collapsed = false
|transport = true
|transport = true

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About me

Hello, my name is dmg ( MC Username: dmgdog) and dogcraft is life?

I've been a proud Cyberdog for over 3 years!

My favourite things to do on the server is terraforming, Nitro UHC, spleef, and community events and builds!

Favourite articles: The Great Orange, and Erebus! (not biased at all )

Survival 1

I joined the server on the 6th September 2016 after watching ReNDoG's Fanserver Showcase video. I couldn't quite believe that it was a free to play server, and I was a little skeptical about joining at first. I built up the courage to click that join button and I was amazed by the welcome I got from the other cyberdogs. This was my first survival server I had joined before, and I instantly knew I had made the right choice.


Welcome to the server DMGDOG989!

You'll have a great time!

I made a leap off the jungle tree house where you spawned into the pool and crossed the ocean in an under-water tunnel, not knowing that this would happen another few thousand times. Entering the rules room I was so excited as I saw rendog!

[Cyberdog] DMGDOG989: OMG ITS RENDOG! Hi ren :D

Yes, I was one of those annoying players, but I soon learned my lesson after a stern word from edo. I also found out that it wasn't really ren, but an NPC. :(

I set up my first house to the East of spawn in a small plains biome where I built a rather classy looking home if I do say so myself. It had a nice carpet, double bed, storage and furnace space as well as a beautiful garden.

I also had a redstone and coal shop in a tiny 5x5 plot at spawn which helped me get off the ground with earning some money, which I later sold the plot of former Lackria Mayor 18.png TraktorMC.

By this time, Hermitron GO was introduced onto the server, which led me to finding the location of my main base for Survival 1, in a mega tiaga.


Locator.svg dmgdog in Survival 3


Location of dmgdog on the Grand Map of Survival 3.

(Co-ordinates - X: -16800, Z: 6600)


Known as: dmg
Joined 6th September 2016
Actvity Active
Server Rank [Patreon]
Member of: Erebus

Ouranos Builder's Guild DoggyWood Co-Owner

Server Information
Projects Erebus Founder

The Great Orange Dogcraft Spleef Leauge Host

Accomplishments [Helper] September 2019

Saturday Nitro Live 3rd Place

Player name history: dmgdog↗

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2019 Reflections
Event Participant

Awarded for participating in the 2019 reflection event!